We promote STEM for kids with a hint of artificial intelligence

Three year programme

Stem.AI Kid

Year I

Stem.AI Junior

Year II

Stem.AI Teen

Year III

Mission & Vision

We help kids boost their confidence in coping with the forthcoming technological revolution.

We bring STEM with focus on artificial intelligence to primary school age groups (8-14), to encourage interest and enhance the required skills at an early age.

Our Expertise

Our expertise covers the fields of mathematics, robotics, autonomous vehicles, electronics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Besides our teaching expertise, some of our teachers posses industrial experience, specifically in the field of artificial intelligence

Our References

Our teachers hold PhD or MSc degrees in the respective fields of robotics, autonomous vehicles, machine learning and artificial intelligence. They involve competitors of the International Mathematical Olympiad, University Professors and Teaching Assistants, as well as one International Chess Master.

Our Network

Stanford University, MIT, Oxford University, Imperial College London, Politecnico di Milano, University of Zagreb, Technical University Graz, NASA/JPL

Unique value proposition

We are different from other STEM programmes. 

We follow recommended and well-established STEM programmes, however, we also provide a unique content in robotics and artificial intelligence based on our own expertise. We encourage creative-thinking games to stimulate cognitive development and boost interest in STEM related scientific disciplines. We place focus on mathematics as the fundamental pillar of scientific language and problem solving.


What We Offer?

Robotics for Kids

We go beyond the basic LEGO programme designed for STEM education for kids. Inspired by our previous work, we also offer playgrounds for autonomous vehicles, autonomous drones and even underwater vehicles.   



Programming for Kids

Algorithmic thinking is a core mental process in systematic problem-solving. Programming is indispensable for STEM, and can be found in many areas such as development of software applications, controlling a robot to behave in a desired manner, or making any mechatronic device come to life with the help of electronics. 

Artificial Intelligence for Kids

We offer an adapted AI programme for kids, teaching basics that can be learnt at an early age as well. AI is not necessarily for MATH gurus only and we are certain that the kids are going to love it! 

Electronics for Kids

To make robots and autonomous vehicles come to life, kids learn how to program on a device level,  gaining at the same time a deeper understanding of how STEM disciplines all perfectly fit together.  

Cognitive Training for Kids

We teach kids how to play chess, in conjunction with other logical problem solving tasks. Following EU statements, that chess is an effective tool in developing and supporting different cognitive functions at an early age, this module offers an entertaining WIN-WIN curriculum. 

Soft skills for Kids

At the end of each module, kids are encouraged to present their own ideas to their friends and parents. Striving for a unique idea and an effective way of presenting and making a case for it, is a core process in early development of an entrepreneurial spirit. 



Mathematics is the queen of all science. Beside the fact that it is considered a core discipline in boosting creativity and abstract thinking, mathematics provides a language to describe problems, a systematic way to comprehend them, and tools to solve them. During our programme we continuously stress that mathematics goes well beyond the curriculum taught at primary and secondary schools, and that without it, it would be impossible to develop a solid set of analytical skills. Within this module, we also offer one-to-one sessions for kids, helping them fill in any open knowledge gaps. 

Get Started

Let your kid start our programme and explore their interest in STEM!

It is never too late or too early for your kid to get started. For more information about our programme and current locations, please feel free to contact us.